Jan 16, 2013
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Erotic Story #8 – Damn, that’s good stuff!

Damn him and his beautiful cock…the point of chatting was to get to know each other
- you get to know each other to meet
- you meet to decide whether you want to fuck or not.
No names, no personal info. We’re just going to meet up in a completely unlit parking lot at 11 pm to say “Hey, howya doing? Nice to meet you” then drive back to our respective partners. I feel my lips pull up at the corners as he steps away from his car. His eyes slightly squinting in concentration, giving off that oh so knowing look. “That’s a come fuck me look,” the little devil on my shoulder whispers in my ear.
“Hi” I say, fully smiling now.
“Hey” he replies and steps closer.
It’s all over from there. His lips press firmly against mine at the same moment his hands clamp firmly onto my hips, pulling me closer. I feel his erection growing through my jeans and a shiver runs up my back. I clasp his head in my hands and part his lips with my tongue. He probes my mouth, he tastes like cherries..or cookies – something sweet. I can feel a heavenly tingling radiating from my clit. As if reading my mind he slides his hand between my legs, rubbing the seam of my jeans with his middle finger.
“Fuck!” I scream in my head. “I need him – now, right now”
I pull back abruptly, sucking his bottom lip as I ease back. He looks startled yet incredibly satisfied. He smiles, his dark eyes twinkling, and all I feel is heat.
“Car?” I ask.
He looks over his shoulder at the dark void we’ve been grinding against.
“Ya…ya. That could work”
We both pause and just stare at each other. Seconds later childish giggles erupt in the still night and we break away from each other to race to our prospective car doors.
That happened at 10:43 pm – I drove out of the parking lot around 2:00 am….
We met again the next night..and the next. Every time was amazing. Amazing…that word doesn’t do it justice. Best sex of my life would be a lie. It was the most all-encompassing, dizzying, inhibition abolishing physical chemistry I’ve ever felt in my life. When I left him he’s all I could think about. When I was with him I couldn’t get enough. To say my life was the desert and he was the oasis would

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be an understatement. But then the madness began…
The number one rule of all fuck buddies is: You never engage emotionally.
You turn your feelings off when you’re screwing around. Too many movies made in the 1980s revolved around scorned lovers.
He got that look in his eyes the second day. That dreamy, far off peaceful look you get when you’re starting to care about someone. We didn’t just have sex, wipe up and walk away. We held each other. We shared intimate details of our lives with each other. Why? I haven’t a clue. We’re both sad, unhappy with our lives – probably a little bored – I think we both mostly wanted attention. Deep, intimate attention we weren’t getting at home. But there’s a thin line between lust and love, and that line can become terribly blurred.
He hooked

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me…he reeled me in like a naive little fool. Then he put me under a glass jar and stuck me in a deep, dark box. Why had I allowed myself to feel anything?! I knew better! This was MY game he was playing with me. I was the one who was supposed to string him along. I was the one who was supposed to be in control. How did he do it? How did I fall for it? You live, you learn – then you get fucked in the ass in the back of a SUV and dumped in an emotional gutter. Rule Number One people!

NEVER Engage Emotionally

Story was edited by the Ashley Madison staff to preserve privacy of the individuals involved.

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