Aug 26, 2013
Ashley Madison

Erotic Story #24 – The Womanizer

I have met this super handsome guy on Ashley Madison. I am a fat ugly bored housewife and I thought I would give a lesson to a hot cheater like him. He got addicted talking to me but seeing him was out of the question since I sent him fake pictures of my sexy cousin. This is just a section of an actual dialogue that took place for months:

Womanizer: LOL thinking is all you wit ever have.
Me: Live intensely, don”t get bored.
Me: Make memorable remembrances.
Me: Ready to flirt some more?
Womanizer: What is the point?
Me: To satisfy your sexual narcissism.
Womanizer: LOL good point but I am satisfied and tired of all the games.
Womanizer: Let me fuck you today
Me: Why not fucking your super lover today?
Womanizer: I will if you are not wanting to fuck me.
Me: You make me jealous.
Womanizer: Good you do the same to me.
Womanizer: Why are you still interested in me when you have your hot lover?
Me: You have a very interesting cheater psychology and I am very intrigued by that
Womanizer: So can I fuck you today or not?
Me: Fuck your imaginary super hot lover today. Can”t fuck you today because yesterday my pilot fucked me so hard my pussy is sore from the condom.
Womanizer: LOL ok then.
Me: I might be healed by tomorrow.
Womanizer: Ok do not worry about it.
Me: Are you horny for something new today?
Me: Poor baby!
Womanizer: Not really I will fuck my lover today.
Me: She is not real!
Womanizer: Whatever she is very real I will send you some photos of us fucking today if you like.
Me: Can”t hardly wait!
Womanizer: LOL
Me: Is she letting you take pictures?
Me: That”s crazy!
Womanizer: She is a horny and sexy woman and very kinky!
Me: Can you do a live broadcast for me? LOL!
Me: Is she, really?
Womanizer: Yeah really!
Me: But if I better than her you are going to dump her, right?
Womanizer: Would you dump your pilot?
Me: Can”t swear.
Womanizer: Same here then.
Me: So you want me just for you, hmm?
Me: Don”t want to share with others?
Womanizer: Did not say that and happy to share
Me: Then why interested about my pilot?
Womanizer: I do not care do what you want and fuck who you want
Me: Cool
Womanizer: You are funny.
Me: Glad I make you smile.
Womanizer: You make me shake my head.
Me: In disbelief?
Womanizer: Yes very much.
Me: Why?
Womanizer: You just confuse me,
Me: I can submit my candidacy for Congress!!!
Me: I would make a great politician!
Womanizer: You don”t want me but love to play games with me.
Me: You do exactly threesome.
Me: We both love it!
Me: So are you fucking tonight?
Womanizer: No I want to meet you that is the difference.
Womanizer: Yeah I think I will.
Me: Send me pictures of her!
Womanizer: Will do!
Me: Fuck her and think about me.
Womanizer: Oh I will fuck her but will not be thinking about you.
Me: Sigh… So you are all set?
Womanizer: Yes indeed!
Me: Good for you! Looking forward to see cock”s picture.
Womanizer: Let”s just call this quits it has been fun but not what I looking for or have the time for gams
Womanizer: Does you phone not take picture messages as trying to send you some.
Me: Can you email?
Me: My phone does not take them
Womanizer: I guess I can
Me: Looking forward to see!!!!!”
Me: Did you fuck already
Womanizer: No just about to though was going to send some from last time:
Womanizer: Should I even bother to see if she would let you join us,
Me: Email them, please!!!!!
Me: Yes!!!!!!!
Womanizer: Also what about you getting fucked by two guys you up for that?
Womanizer: Only if I fuck you first.
Me: Not my trade.
Womanizer: What do you mean not my trade.
Me: Two guys is not what I want.
Me: I am interested in women.
Womanizer: No worries I thought you wanted two cock at s e time.
Me: You and my Captain?
Womanizer: Why can your phone not take pic.
Womanizer: Sure I would be fine with that.
Me: It just does not take pics.
Womanizer: Must be an old phone.
Me: You got it right.
Me: So you”re almost fucking?
Womanizer: I do not know how to send via email when on my phone as only lets me send via message or via bluetooth from work phone and not doing that.
Womanizer: She is ten minutes away and I have a week of cum for her.
Me: Wow!
Womanizer: I gave you the chance today.
Me: I know.
Womanizer: You are not getting many more.
Womanizer: She is here goodbye!

Me: Fucked her yet?
Me: How was it?
Me: ????
Womanizer: Just

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finished fucking!
Womanizer: It was very hot!
Me: Wow!
Womanizer: I let her dominate me tonight and I loved it
Me: She dominated you?
Womanizer: Yes
Womanizer: I let her use my cock for two hours!
Me: Wow!
Me: Has she met your expectations ?
Womanizer: And beyond.
Me: Wow!
Me: You are just teasing.
Womanizer: You wish I was but I am serious.
Me: How did you find her? AM?
Womanizer: Yes.
Me: So I am not the only one good out there.
Me: Dud you ask her about a threesome?
Womanizer: No does not seem that way but I do not know how good you are .
Womanizer: Yes and she is up for it.
Me: Great . I want her.
Womanizer: You fuck me first.
Me: Ok will do .
Me: Email pictures.
Me: Hey I can get them on my phone.
Me: Can you send them via text? I figured it all out
Womanizer: That would be better.
Womanizer: Of course!
Me: So is she satisfying you completely?
Womanizer: Yes.
Me: I am jealous!
Me: Is she real, real?
Womanizer: Get your cell to work.
Womanizer: And I will show you how real she is.
Me: send them now, it should work .
Womanizer: Tried but still not going.
Me: Too bad. Email from your phone to my email?
Womanizer: Get a new phone or meet me for lunch and I will show you .
Womanizer: Not doing that.
Womanizer: Ok got to go bye.
Me: You are a happy dude, aren”t you?
Womanizer: Yes very!
Me: Have a nice evening!
Womanizer: She took all my cum in her mouth.
Me: No she did not!
Me: I want to fuck you and her both.
Me: Please!!!
Womanizer: We shall see, I am chatting to other women now as well so you time will soon expire.
Me: I don”t get it, really. Do you want to replace your super lover?
Me: Why?
Womanizer: No I do not want to replace but I like some options .
Me: I feel like I am competing with a woman that you like a lot.
Womanizer: Ditto for me so what why does that matter.
Me: But poor her, she does not know she is also competing with others. Haha!
Womanizer: She is not competing you are.
Me: Because I know about her. She does not know about me.
Womanizer: Does your lover know about me.
Me: We are ready to cheat on our lovers, aren”t we?
Me: Knowing your cheater psychology now it would be hard for me to accept the existence of the other one unless we fuck together. And yes, I would give up my pilot. I wanted this for a long, long time.
Womanizer: Well I am if I cheat on my wife sure as hell have on issues with my lover.
Me: What issues with your lover for God sake? I thought she is not that great since you are looking…
Womanizer: Well your call really I do not mind either way.
Me: What issues with your lover? Just curious.
Womanizer: She is great but I am not looking to settle down either.
Me: Oh, I see. An affair is predestined to die anyway.
Me: But you only know her for two weeks…
Womanizer: They always do or you end up in love or get busted
Me: Maybe three now.
Womanizer: I have been fucking her on and off for months but she got back from being out of US for awhile so we ended up meeting again.
Me: Wow!
Me: You must like her a lot since she stays on your radar.
Womanizer: What can I say she is a great fuck.
Me: This is exactly what you are looking for, right?
Me: But you want another greater or equal fuck?
Me: Oh, I see
Me: Did you fuck somebody else while she was out, for a change?
Me: Maybe and it was not any better, huh?
Womanizer: Was going to fuck you remember but you know what happened there.
Womanizer: Sure why not?
Womanizer: Think you are up for it.
Me: Just curios again. Is she a housewife or an educated professional like me?
Womanizer: What difference does that make?
Me: Knowing my competition.
Me: Or future partner.
Womanizer: She is professional.
Me: Hmm, so I have no advantage.
Womanizer: Depends how skilled you are.
Me: Since you fuck her for so long and did not find anything better, she must be world class. I am intimidated, I have to admit.
Me: But I can give it a try.
Womanizer: I am sure you can.
Womanizer: So when do you want to fuck me?
Me: No, you fuck me!
Womanizer: That is the plan I want to fuck you but you keep being a flake on me.
Me: Do you know that we have been exchanging over a thousand text messages?
Womanizer: I did not know that.
Womanizer: So when can I fuck you?
Me: Tomorrow.
Womanizer: Yes!
Me: But with your lover.
Womanizer: Nope !
Me: Yep!
Womanizer: Hey we can play this game all you like but you are getting threesome till I have fucked you so if that is a deal breaker then let”s move on.
Me: We need to meet fist, all of us. Since I am new to both of you is going to be so hot!!!
Womanizer: Do you not listen it is not going to happen until I fuck you!
Me: Why?
Womanizer: That is the terms so up to you.
Me: I would like to understand your reason .
Me: Can you explain?
Womanizer: Because I want to fuck you myself first.
Me: You seem to be very irritated .
Me: What difference does it make if she helps out?
Me: Or you fuck me and I fuck her?
Womanizer: I want you to myself that is all!
Me: Selfish.
Womanizer: You are pissing me off now that is all. LOL!
Me: I want you both.
Me: I thought you are up for this.
Me: Or it was just a strategy?
Womanizer: Too bad let”s just forget it I am done with this crap.
Womanizer: I am up for it but wanted to be with you first and thought you did at one point too but guess not just wasting my fucking time.
Me: You don”t want a threesome do you? Chickening out?
Womanizer: I do very much!
Me: Then let”s do it baby!
Womanizer: No not with you I am done!
Me: You are not serious about this!
Me: I am so disappointed!
Me: Come on!
Me: We know each other for so long and exchanged thousands of text messages, don”t let it dissipate!
Me: I am sorry!
Me: Don”t go!
Womanizer: I am just disappointed you do not want to see me first
Womanizer: I wanted you to want me like I want you but it is clear you don”t so let”s just stop
Me: So kind of you to say that, baby! You have not seen me in flesh and bones. How can you be amorous with a picture?
Womanizer: I guess that is true but we have a connection at least that is what I thought but if it just in my head then put me out of my misery and let”s move on
Womanizer: If you don”t want me then it is for the best that we stop now.
Me: I want you!
Me: Meet me tomorrow!
Me: You persuaded me.
Womanizer: Are you sure?
Me: We can try tomorrow. Please do not make any special hotel arrangements yet.
Me: Will get a hotel room if we need to after we meet and you still want me. Deal?
Me: How close I am to my threesome dream ?
Me: You are not going to do that, are you?
Womanizer: I guess it gives you chance to bail on me again
Me: I will be a good girl, even I know how much you like bad girls.
Womanizer: I do want that but if only reason you are meeting me is to get that then I really do not want you to
Me: That is not the only reason, silly! You know better!
Womanizer: Not sure as you have told me as much
Me: As much … What?
Womanizer: Ok look if all you want is threesome then we can still do that but will take some time however if you want to fuck me as well till then that is even better I now feel bad in that I am bullying you into fucking me and that is not a nice feeling so just be honest I am ok.
Womanizer: I do want to be with someone who it feels like I have forced

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to fuck me.
Me: Why do you say threesome is going to take some time? You said she is up for it.
Womanizer: Kind of but it will happen just need to work on it so what do you want just threesome or both that and
Me: I want you both.
Womanizer: Have to in now let me know what you really want tomorrow.
Me: Ok
Womanizer: Only at same time or see me alone from time to time as well.
Womanizer: Glimrende grafikk skaper ogsa en glimrende spillopplevelse, og du skal ogsa vite at inntjeningsmulighetene er sv?rt gode pa nett!De aller fleste nettcasinoer tilbyr rulett og gjerne flere varianter av spillet. I do want to fuck you so much!
Me: You will
Me: Fuck your lover and think about me:
Womanizer: Ok we are done goodbye
Me: No, I want to fuck you tomorrow, I am very sure about it.
Me: Meet me tomorrow!
Me: Please, please, please!!!!!
Me: I am so wet for you! All of this texting and your dam n lover. I am sure I will put her to shame.
Womanizer: When today
Womanizer: If I agree to meet please do not say you will meet and then cancel on me
Me: Hey!
Me: I was thinking about you all night long. I want you!
Me: Can you meet around 3 pm ?
Me: I want you for a few good hours, need to be home by 6 pm
Me: Say good bye to your lover. You will be addicted to me and want no other but me. I am a sex bomb and you know it.
Womanizer: LOL! I am already addicted to you.
Me: My head is spinning thinking about you.
Me: So can you make it 3 pm ?
Womanizer: Where ?
Me: Sam e place as the “last time”. LOL!
Womanizer: But I should not book hotel?
Me: Oh, yes, you book hotel.
Womanizer: Thought you said don”t
Me: Changed my heart completely.
Me: But if you want to play safe, don”t.
Womanizer: Really, how come?
Me: It makes no difference to me.
Me: Will fuck anyways.
Me: You may not want to fuck me when will see me in person.
Womanizer: I just am gun shy now with you bailing last two times!
Me: What if you are not attracted to me? It”s a lottery, right?
Me: Or I am not attracted to you? LOL
Me: Reality is a different ball game.
Womanizer: Oh I am so damn horny I will fuck you even if you are not what I expected but I do not think that will be any issues at all .
Me: You have to admit this is a fair assessment. So you take this risk when booking in advance.

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I guess so but I will book anyway.
Me: Your call. I hope I not going to say I told you do.
Womanizer: Can you do though as will be a little too early I think for me.
Me: 3pm ?
Womanizer: OK will not bother with hotel as I do not still think you are serious to be honest
Me: As I said, your call. See you at 3pm ?
Womanizer: Will you turn up this time baby?
Me: Wait and see. Never wanted a man more that I want you! This is crazy!!!
Womanizer: It will be very crazy I am going to fuck you so hard !
Me: I better believe it!
Womanizer: You will cum so hard ?
Me: I will cum on your tongue and on your cock !
Womanizer: Love that!
Womanizer: Will you suck the cum from my cock?
Me: I will suck and swallow in delirium!
Womanizer: Good girl. I have a lot of cum for you.
Me: Would it be ok if we don”t use condom?
Me: Is your lover safe? Does she play around?
Womanizer: She is safe. Its fine with no condom for sucking my cock but better use for fucking as your lover is probably a player.
Me: Fair enough.
Me: Why do you think every man on is like you?
Womanizer: But I do not like to use them and wont if you are sure it is safe as I love fucking bare.
Me: HPV is the most common infection.
Womanizer: Because they are men and cheaters but let”s not get into that I am actually and only ever have been seeking one lover as I have right now but I want a change and I want you
Me: Has no symptoms, men at only carrying it but transmit to other women. It”s responsible for cervical cancer in women. Has no symptoms in women either. I hope you knew this.
Womanizer: No but I am safe baby.
Me: You don”t know I am safe.
Me: But let”s decide later.
Me: Just keep the desire building up. So it”s 3 pm, right?
Womanizer: Yes that will be fine baby I cannot wait!
Me: See you then, my hot suitor!
Womanizer: Yes I will certainly will be there.
Me: I am wearing a black pencil skirt and yellow top.
Womanizer: Nice and underneath what are wearing?
Me: Black lingerie.
Womanizer: Nice love it!
Me: Satin and silk.
Me: Can”t focus on my work here. Can you?
Womanizer: I cannot wait to fuck you and I hope you will wear that while I fuck you
Womanizer: No I am so horny for you
Me: Is your cock hard for me?
Womanizer: You have no idea baby
Me: It will be so out of this world…
Womanizer: You better believe it!
Womanizer: Are you wet for me?
Me: More than you can imagine
Womanizer: Oh baby I want to eat your pussy
Me: Can”t hardly wait, you will take slow and gentle, right?
Womanizer: Eating your pussy yes
Womanizer: But when I am fucking it will be hard deep and fast.
Me: I like it slow sometimes
Womanizer: Ok we can vary it
Me: You appear to be like a volcano.
Womanizer: Oh I will explode my hot lava over you.
Me: Burn me on, baby!
Womanizer: Still going to meet Me:
Me: Absolutely!
Womanizer: I really hope so baby
Womanizer: Should I get some wine
Womanizer: So you know where you are going
Womanizer: Assuming you are still coming, the hotel bar does not open till 5 pm so can meet at wine bar next to hotel or in car park and go to room
Womanizer: I get so worried now that you do not respond to me look if not going to come please just let me know so I don”t leave work and get let down out of some sense of respect
Womanizer: Please just let me know
Me: Are you there yet?
Womanizer: Yes
Womanizer: Are you going to be able to make it?
Me: You chronic idiot Womanizer:!
Womanizer: LOL you got me again didn”t you?
Womanizer: Sigh
Me: Your lover is a heroine to keep you, jerk.
Womanizer: LOL ok
Womanizer: What pleasure do you fucking get out of this
Me: Playing with an idiot narcissist mind. This can ruin your career and life, just take note of this.
Womanizer: I would like to understand why you do this
Womanizer: It is my life and who are you to judge me and what I do
Womanizer: It is fine really but really curious why are you doing this and what do you have to gain from it
Womanizer: What have I ever done to you
Womanizer: But you are right I an idiot and pretty fucking pathetic excuse for a human being
Me: I know everything about you.
Womanizer: I think I am going to go to my hotel and drink myself silly and then end all my hurt and pain
Me: Interesting, huh?
Me: If your wife Lilly would know this…
Me: Had a heart attack? You should.
Womanizer: What do you want and why are you doing this to me?
Me: Just playing with an idiot Womanizer!
Me: And a pathological liar.
Me: No worries I am not going to tell your wife.
Me: It”s our little secret.
Me: I hope you fucked your bitch deep and hard, thinking about me.

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  • That is fucked up. Why would you do that? I have never met a man on AM and made arrangements to see him and not followed through. Hottest sex of my life. You have no self esteem and need to see a shrink, girlfriend. Men don’t just want perfect bodies and young women. Maybe if you posted real pictures and met someone you would know that. Give it a try.

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