Apr 1, 2013
Ashley Madison

Erotic Story #20 – The Gym

It was a typical Saturday morning in April; Lisa my wife got up early showered and was headed to the gym. I was up about the time she was going out the door and getting ready for my Saturday bicycle ride with a small group of friends. We lived in the Scottsdale area up toward Carefree. I was in the security business dealing mainly with lending institutions, which there was plenty of. My wife was 27 years old and quite a beauty;

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she had dark hair with blue eyes. I never understood her going to the gym as she had a body to die for, but a few months ago she and a few of her girl friends joined a gym within half a mile from home. I was 30 and originally from New Mexico growing up about 50 miles from the Texas border.

I was riding a little later today since a couple of the guys had to do a little work on their bikes. I loaded my bike, pump and helmet bag and took off for Carefree, and we had planned a short ride out to the farmers market. Since we were planning on doing a charity ride on Sunday no one wanted to ride to far. I realized about half way there I had forgotten my road shoes. I quickly texted the guys saying to wait for me, and turned around to head back to the house. When pulling up to the house I noticed my wife’s car parked in front of the house which was something she never did. I pulled around to the back since all my bike equipment was in my shop/man cave. After loading my shoes into my car I went on into the house.

I called out to Lisa but there was no answer, I entered into the bedroom and found her lying nude on the bed, but in a semi conscious state. As I turned I saw a black fist coming directly at me. When I came to I found each arm tied to a chair and my legs tied to each leg of the chair. My wife’s arms were tied to the bedpost. A 6’4” tall black man named Donny was between my wife’s legs eating her out. I screamed out for him to get away from my wife and that I was going to call the cops. He turned to face me, laughed at me, and he then informed me that I was going to do as I was told. He said he was training my wife to be a big black cock slut, and since I was here I would begin my training as a cuckold. He was now taking his cock which looked to be about 12-inches, and was beating it against my wife’s clit. One of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. I told him this was rape and asked what had he given my wife? He responded just a little work out water, which had some ecstasy and rohypnol, a date rape drug. Not to worry soon that my wife would learn to love getting fucked by him, and he would wean her off the water slowly, soon she would crave his cock. He informed me he was the bull and that he would call the shots around here. He then came over and put a ball gag in my mouth to shut me up.

Now Donny lubed his giant cock and began to enter my wife’s pussy and I heard her moan. He began fucking her slowly at first, he had her knees pinned to her chest and was hitting her pussy harder and harder. I could hear her moan even though she was out, I new she was coming. As he fucked her he was talking to me telling me he was going to breed her today and bury his seed deep into her pussy, and in no time maybe even today she would be pregnant carrying his black baby. Today he was also going to give me a chance to prevent the pregnancy as a good cuckold. He was going to let me eat his cum out of my wife’s pussy. After that he was going to teach me how to suck his cock, because as of today, and from now on that would be the only sex I would be getting to enjoy, eating my wife’s cum full pussy and sucking his cock . He was speeding up his strokes into Lisa’s pussy. He slammed it into her hard and held it there as he and she let out a scream, I new he was coming in my wife. He pulled out and went back again and held his cock into her, which seemed like an eternity. As he pulled out I could see the river of cum flow from her pussy.

Now he stood and turned his attention to me, he started to rub his limp dick on my face. He told me that if I did a good job as a cuckold of eating my wife’s pussy, he would let me eat my wife’s best friend Sara’s pussy. “Yea my buddy Pete is coming over with Sara, and that they were going to spend the day breeding the girls and who knows who the father will be”. “All I know is that it will be part black”!

He reached down and untied my legs and then my arms. He grabbed me by my hair and started to lift me by my hair out of the chair. He said “now your going to eat that cum out of your wife and then you can suck me hard again after that”. I made a fist with my right hand and hit him with an upper cut to the groin. He groaned and bent over, I had made a direct hit, I stood up, took my knee to his chin which

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laid him out flat on the floor. When the back of his head hit the tile floor it sounded like he had cracked the tile, or his head, I wondered if I had killed him. I went over to the bed to check on my wife, I tried to wake her but no luck. I heard Donny moan I went to the night table on my side of the bed and retrieved my handgun, and a set of handcuffs Lisa and I had used for our role-playing. I handcuffed his hands behind his back, and then rushed out to the shop to get some zip ties for his ankles. When I returned he was still out, but coming to.

I started to call the police and then I remember about Sara, I didn’t want this guy Pete to take off with her and have a kidnapping on our hands. So I called my biking buddies to get to my house and to park their cars in the rear. Skip was the first to arrive coming in the back door followed by Ben, Larry and Kevin. I told them what went on and Skip who had gone to medical school and later found out he liked patient’s who could talk, he was a veterinarian at the time, he went to check on Lisa and said he couldn’t get a response, her pulse was good but he wanted me to call the police and an ambulance. I had to break it to him that this asshole that raped my wife had a buddy at the gym named Pete who had his wife Sara, and they were coming here. I told him I had an idea and

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that everything would be ok. I gave Kevin and Larry the ball gag that Donny had used on me and instructed them put into Donny’s mouth, “Take this piece of shit out to the man cave.” I said.

I had Skip and Ben hide in the master bath and instructed them not to come out until I called them, about this time I heard a car pull up and I stepped behind the master bedroom door. Pete entered the house calling for Donny. He was also a black male a few inches shorter than Donny but wider. Pete had Sara over his shoulder; she was completely nude except her sport bra was hanging around her neck like a necklace. He threw Sara next to Lisa; he pulled off his T-shirt and began to remove his gym shorts. Before he could step out of them I put my 9mm to his head. He started talking real fast and said, “Nothing is going to happen”. I called for Ben and Skip to come out. Skip went immediately to check on his wife, she was out cold and appeared to have already been raped since cum had run down her leg and was dried. Skip turned and kicked Pete between the legs and was about to beat the hell out of him when Ben stopped him. Skip, Ben and I took Pete out to my man cave to join his buddy Donny. There we sat him down and zip tied him to a vinyl lawn chair. Donny was coming to. Kevin and Larry already had him restrained in a similar chair.

I asked

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Ben to get a hold of his wife and take the girls to the hospital and get them some medical attention, but to give no information on who did this, because I had plans for our guest, and I didn’t want the police back here. Ben asked what I was going to do. I assured him no one was going to die, just take the girls and look after them. We got the girls some robes on and then into Ben’s car; he was headed off to pick up his wife and then onto the hospital.

Now that Donny was awake I removed his ball gag, once again I got some arrogant bullshit from him that this was the wife’s idea and we were violating his civil rights. If we would release them right now he would not press charges. When I refused he asked that I call the police. Pete said “no don’t call the cops, just lets us go and you will never see us again”. I told them not to worry I had other plans and I was not calling the police, at least not now.

Now I had the interest of Kevin, Larry and

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Skip, they wanted to know what I had in mind. I whispered to Skip and asked if he had his vet bag with him, and he responded that yes he did. Then I told him what I wanted to do, and he headed to his truck. I then sat down and wrote out a shopping list for Kevin and sent him off on his scavenger hunt for our guests. I told Larry he needed to prepare a meal for our guests; they must have worked up an appetite fucking my wife! I shouted at him that I would be bring him the main ingredients in few minutes, I kind of think he knew me well enough that he knew what was going to go down.

Skip came in with his medical bag, opened it up and removed two hypodermic needles, I went over to Donny and asked him if he new the difference between a bull and a steer. “Yes, I am a bull and you are just a white cuckold steer”. I laughed and said, “We will see”, about this time Pete started crying. Donny told him to shut up and that we were not going to do anything to them. Skip gave Donny the first shot in his leg telling him this would help him relax, now Pete was going to pieces, and Skip said not to worry, he had done this many times and never had a complaint from any of his patients as he injected Pete. Skip went back to his bag and removed a few of his tools and a couple more needles. He wrapped what looked like a rubber hose around Donny’s nut sack and gave him another injection into his balls. I grabbed Donny by the back of his head and made him watch as Skip cut open his nut sack and removed his nuts. All I could hear was a yelp as tears ran down his face; he yelled out that we could not do this to him as his balls hit a bowl under the chair. Pete was now crying and begging us to let him go, Skip was making it worse by telling him how he was going to do him as he stitched Donny back together. Skip kept telling Pete he was going to do him without any anesthetic to his nuts and how he would be screaming with pain. Skip thanked Donny for having his balls already shaved for him, it was much easier. Now it was Pete’s turn and I made him watch just like I did Donny. He just kept saying no, no, no! Once I had Pete’s nuts in a bowl I went back to the house with them, as I was delivering them to Larry, Skip was stitching Pete back together. Larry started to prepare some rocky mountain oysters and scrambled eggs. Larry asked me what I wanted to serve them to drink. I went over to the workout bag that Donny had left just inside the front door of my house. Inside was several bottles marked workout water with a variety of women’s names on them. I grabbed two and took them into the kitchen and poured it into glasses.

Larry and I took a couple plates out to Donny and Pete, I informed them they needed to eat it all if they wanted to leave and Skip chimed in that this would help keep out infection and if they were lucky maybe the hospital could reattach there missing parts. Larry chimed in he had them on ice. They both ate the eggs and chopped up oysters. The more workout water they drank the better they liked the eggs. One minute they would be crying and the next laughing and begging for a ride to the hospital.
About the time they had finished their meal Kevin arrived with a couple blonde wigs, short shorts in pink and some crop tops, which had “Big Cock Slut”, printed on the front, only Kevin could of found this type of junk. We told the boys if they got dressed we would drop them off. They were so agreeable now they got dressed, put on their wigs and giggled at each other. Pete told Donny he made a good-looking girl. I had no idea that the workout water wouldn’t knock them out like it did the girls, it just made them silly.

We loaded them into a SUV and proceeded to take them downtown, Pete kept asking if we had his nuts. Once a year Phoenix has a Gay Festival Weekend and so we decided to drop the newly dressed girls off at the Festival. As we let them out Pete asked again about his balls that’s when I had to break the news to him that he had eaten them. The last I saw of them they were walking towards the crowd crying one minute and laughing the next.

We now headed off to the hospital, Ben had called earlier and said the girls were being treated for rape and they would both be fine. When we arrived both girls were still out and the police wanted to speak to them. I informed them that I had been off on a bike ride with my friends and we didn’t know anything had happened until we had received a call from Ben.

The next day Lisa woke up with a terrible headache and had no knowledge of what had happened. All she could remember was being on the treadmill and that she had drank some water Donny had given her. Sara said she was told Lisa had gotten sick and Donny was driving her home. Pete had given Sara a of bottle water and showed her into the sauna. That’s where the police think she was raped. After the police investigation we came to find out that there were several of the other trainers with knowledge of what was happening.

The next day after visiting the wife, Ben, Larry, Skip and I went on the charity ride for Aids research. We all have quite of few clients who are members of the gay community. During the ride we asked if anything unusual was seen, the talk was about two black cross dressers with a gay skinhead gang. We understood they were on leashes laughing and crying and kept trying to tell the police they had lost there nuts to some white guys in cycling shorts.

Ben filed suit for the wives’ and the gym was closed. Both Lisa and Sara settled for a nice sum. They took their money and opened up a Curves gym here in Phoenix and have several locations now.

We understand that a Grand Jury has charged Donny and Pete with 12 counts of rape and several drug charges. The Phoenix police still have not arrested them.
We have heard that the skinheads took them to San Francisco, where they work and live with to lesbian dominatrix women. These women own a gay bathhouse and Donny and Pete are working behind a glory hole servicing clients. We also understand that the women keep them in line by threatening to tell the Phoenix police where they are, and the women use a big strap on dildo to show them who is the bull.

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