Dec 19, 2012
Ashley Madison

Erotic Story #2 – The Composer

You ~

Long for…
My Scent n Silk
Concave of my Curvature
Softness of my Flesh
Heat of my Sex

Is it…
The Passion of my Fruit
You wish to Taste

The Fruit of my Passion
You wish to Take

Me ~

… Play me

Take me…

… be my Master

If you wish…

… *Fuck* me


…*Fuck* me

Us ~

Lost… in the woods
In the foreplay of our imagination
A delicious anticipation
Of my wrists in cuffs
And premeditated thrusts

Me helpless
To your forceful undulation
Giving into *You*
I come

You ~

Entice me
Sexing me up
Leaving me
With Sentient Desires

You… *kiss*… me

Me ~

Still Flushed

Precariously wanting
To Surrender
Suggestively Moaning
…. Begging

I… *touch*… you

Us ~

Heightened by

Had skin…
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our Desires
Fueled with Fire
We… *Kiss*

*Wet Kiss*…

My Softness now Surrounds You
Looking up as you Devour me
Into a *Deeper Kiss*

You come

Us ~

A foregone conclusion

Story was edited by the Ashley Madison staff to preserve privacy of the individuals involved.

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