Jan 23, 2013
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Erotic Story #11 – Paradise

I wake up and notice that the sun is shining already. Fuck. Despite the warmth and comfort of my feety pajamas, I force myself out of bed and up the stairs to my youngest daughter’s room. “Baby girl!” Bang, bang, bang. A muffled response. “Did you turn off your alarm and go back to bed? You need to get up! It is 8:15! You’re late for school.”
I put on my boots, and head outside with the dogs. It is frigid out this morning. Snowed about 6 inches last night. The dogs bounce through yard and the vast purity of whiteness is ruined by leaves, dirt, and now dog piss and shit. The freezing air is burning my throat and lungs, but I don’t really care. This is one of my favorite parts of the day. No matter the weather, I love being under the open sky. Sometimes I look up and wish I could just fall in to it and land in Paradise forever. Unfortunately, this morning it doesn’t last very long.
I start my coffee while I listen to the bitchings of an adolescent who obviously doesn’t want to go to school. She had a three day weekend and managed to get through it without brushing her hair once, so it is now a tangled weave of near dreadlocks that I have the privilege of brushing out while she “ouches” every other second. I fix her lunch on the counter while she gathers her things.
I have to brush off the car and there is a windshield wiper broken. You’d think the husband could have had that fixed in the last three weeks. We drive silently to the school before I

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drop her off.
“Have a great day, baby. I love you.” Off she goes.
Back home and the husband is still in bed. I fill up the coffee mug and head down to my office. Belated birthday wishes greet me on FB. I turned 41 yesterday. The obligatory check of the email. Respond. Don’t. All I care about this morning is getting done what I have to get done so I can go the fuck to Paradise.
The morning wears on, I finish the pot of coffee, and the husband gets his ass out of bed. He works second shift, in all fairness. He decides to shovel this time. Shocker. I use the time in the house to take my shower, carefully shaving my legs, my pits, my cunt. I am always perfectly clean-shaven. In between, you’re lucky if I shave at all. But when I am in Paradise, my body is smooth. Everywhere. There was a trailer on TV last week for some show, and the detective said, “She was going to see her lover” because the dead chick had apparently just shaved. I wondered every time they showed that fucking clip if he would catch on, but he didn’t.
I pick out some sweatpants, a turtleneck, a sweater . On the outside, I am just a small town housewife running errands. Nothing to look at. No make-up. Don’t even dry my hair. The husband never wonders when I leave the house like that. He doesn’t realize that in Paradise, we don’t wear clothes anyway. I stop on my way out of the driveway and roll down the window.
“Going to go run errands. May stop by and see Mary. “ My friend is always a good alibi for an extended leave.
“Okay. Drive carefully.” He says. “I love you.”
“Love you, too.”
As soon as the husband vanishes in the rearview mirror, I crank up the playlist to get me in the mood. Just hearing the songs makes me throb every time. First up, House of Cards, Radiohead. He introduced it to me when we first started talking a year ago and it invaded my soul. My breath quickens as does my car.

“I’m here,” I text.
“Room 245. Take a right to the elevator

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after the lobby.”
I walk in past reception without hesitation. To the elevator. Push 2. Find the door and knock.
It takes him seconds to open the door and we attack each other with a vengeance. God, I have missed him. He kisses me hard, his hands pulling at my hair. His smell. His taste. He overwhelms me. I am yearning and eager as I claw at his clothes. I can’t wait for him to enter me. I want him. I need him. I get his pants undone and get down on my knees. I take him in my mouth, deep in to my throat, and pull back again. I look up at him and he is flush with

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ecstasy. “Fuck my mouth,” I tell him and he does. I love the taste of him. I want to swallow him whole. He is gasping for air and moaning as he penetrates my mouth, over and over again.
He suddenly pulls out, grabs me by the shoulders and lifts me to standing again. He kisses me as he plunges his hand down my pants and shoves his finger inside my soaking wet, throbbing cunt. I gasp. He pushes me over to the bed and in one-motion pulls off my pants and his mouth is on me now. My back arches to meet him. He bites my clit and I yell out, “Oh fuck!” His tongue is hot and it pokes and teases me and the intensity is almost more than I can bear.
“Fuck me, “ I command him. “Please, fuck me.” I beg. He climbs over me and I spread my legs wide, begging him to enter. The feel of his cock sliding in is pure bliss. Perfection. My cunt grabs and sucks him in and never wants to let go. My lover. My perfect fucking lover. Our hips thrust towards each other, harder and harder. We bite and pull and lick and claw. He makes me come hard and I yell out. He comes too and we collapse in each other’s arms.
I am sure housekeeping masturbates to the sounds of our tryst. We stay there for hours making love to each other in our secret world. In our Paradise. This man. This amazing, wonderful, man whom I met on a fucking website blows my mind! He takes my body to heights of pleasure I never knew existed. He is my sexual soul-mate. I can never give this up. Never give him up.
When we’ve pushed the limits of time as far as possible, I put on my sweats, and go back home to the husband, he to the wife. And start the wait, the anticipation of our next trip to Paradise.

PS: My lover and I met on AM and will celebrate one year of fucking bliss in two weeks. He and I always thank Ashley Madison every time we are together. It was the first affair for both of us and it has been perfection from the start. We are so happy! Thanks for your wonderful services!

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Story was edited by the Ashley Madison staff to preserve privacy of the individuals involved.

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